Nature in Denia: Montgó Natural Park, hiking and Cova Tallada trail

In the natural surrounding of La Racona Hotel, in Les Rotes (Denia, Spain), you will be able to discover the purest nature in Denia: the Montgó Natural Park and hiking trails such as the Cova Tallada trail in Denia.


Montgó Natural Park: a natural jewel in Denia (Spain)

The Montgó Natural Park, declared as Natural Park officially in 1987 for its flora, fauna and the value of its landscapes, offers hiking trails and stunning Mediterranean landscapes that combine the mountain vegetation with the cliffs views, the Denia beaches and Cabo de San Antonio.

Hiking trails in Denia and in the Montgó Natural Park

Around the village of Denia and in the Montgó Natural Park you will be able to find hiking trails and discover the nature of Denia.

For more information about the hiking trails in Denia and in the Montgó Natural Park, the Montgó Interpretation Centre is at your disposal.

The Cova Tallada trail in Denia

The Cova Tallada trail leads to a cave under the cliffs of Cabo de San Antonio, in Denia. It is a cave that was used as a quarry in the past.

The hiking trail to Cova Tallada is easy, short (1km, less than 1h) and marked as PR-CV355.

Two ways to follow this trail to Cova Tallada: from the end of Les Rotes Road, following the path to the cave, going along the edges of the cliffs; or going past the Torre del Gerro, a trail that also leads to Cova Tallada.

At the end of the trail you will find a rope that helps on the final descent, and Cova Tallada can also be accessed by kayak.

Some advice before going on the Cova Tallada trail:

-          Bathing is allowed in this area.

-          To go deeper in the cave, bringing a torch is necessary.

-          Mountain boots and nonslipping shoes are necessary: the floor is slippery and partially flooded depending on the tide.

-          Cova Tallada is a family hiking trail. However, on the final stretch the youngest children will need some help.

For more information, contact with La Racona Hotel.