La Racona Hotel: hotel, massages and Spa in Denia, at Les Rotes beaches

In La Racona Hotel we care for the slightest details in order to offer the best holidays in Denia, in Les Rotes beaches (Spain).

Therefore, in our hotel we offer the services of the adjacent Centro de Terapias Las Rotas: spa, sauna, massages and other treatments.


Relax and wellness in our spa hotel in Denia (Spain)

Beyond the beauty of the beaches in Denia, at La Racona Hotel we offer a wellness experience: our hotel guests will find a spa, sauna and massages at Centro de Terapias Las Rotas at their disposal, in an exceptional natural surrounding in Les Rotes, Denia.

Besides our hotel gardens, tennis courts, restaurant and swimming pool, we can only add a spa, sauna and massages to offer you the perfect hotel for some relaxing holidays in Les Rotes. Centro de Terapias Las Rotas, in La Racona Hotel, is a wellness oasis for you.

Centro de terapias Las Rotas: spa, sauna, jacuzzi, massages and treatments

Centro de Terapias Las Rotas offers a spa circuit, sauna, massages and personalized treatments in Les Rotes (Denia), in the perfect surrounding to relax and indulge yourselves, in the marine reserve of Les Rotes.

It has a private spa area with jacuzzi, sauna and streams for a maximum of 4 clients and upon reservation, which guarantees a relaxing experience.

And the professional team in Centro de terapias Las Rotas offers massages and various treatments: acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, homeopathy…

 Thank you for choosing our hotel in Denia: our clients have a discount at Centro de Terapias Las Rotas

Centro de Terapias Las Rotas is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, and our guests in La Racona Hotel will have a 10% discount on the spa, sauna and jacuzzi facilities.

For more information about our spa or massages menu in Les Rotes, please contact with Centro de Terapias Las Rotas or with La Racona Hotel.


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