Restaurant at La Racona Hotel: a fine restaurant in Denia –Les Rotes- with paellas and seafood

In the restaurant at La Racona Hotel, in Les Rotes (Denia, Spain), we offer an elaborate menu of rice dishes and paellas of Denia.

Restaurant in Denia, an exceptional surrounding in Les Rotes (Spain)

In our hotel located at the exclusive beach of Les Rotes (Denia, Costa Blanca) you will find the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, a menu and good paellas. In the idyllic surrounding of La Racona Hotel, with romantic gardens, swimming pool and views to the sea, undoubtedly you will be able to delight yourselves with the traditional Denia paellas and fideuas.

Rice, paellas and seafood from Denia

In the restaurant at La Racona Hotel you will be able to enjoy the local cuisine: rice, paellas and local fishes from Denia.

But in the restaurant at La Racona Hotel we go further and add a modern touch to our Mediterranean cooking -of rice dishes and the best fresh fishes from the Denia fish market.

To complete our wide menu: barbeques and homemade desserts that will made your lunch or dinner at La Racona restaurant a full gourmet experience with the lovely views to Les Rotes.

A restaurant with Mediterranean specialties and daily menu in Les Rotes

In the restaurant at La Racona Hotel we do not only offer a wide and elaborate menu, but also a varied daily menu, which includes a starter to be chosen amongst 3 dishes, a main course to be chosen amongst a wide range of paellas, rice and fideua, meats and fishes, and homemade desserts.

Our daily menu:


Price: 9.50  € per person ·Drinks not included.

If you are willing to come for lunch or dinner to the restaurant at La Racona Hotel, in Les Rotes, do not hesitate to contact us to make a reservation.


Breakfast frome 9.00 till11.30h
Lunch: 13.00 – 15.30h
Dinner: 20.00 – 23.30h